Luxury twin villas with infinity pools.
Luxury twin villas with infinity pools

Construction overview.

From shell to dream Our journey was epic! As most people who come to Kefalonia do, we fell in love with it. We were on holiday and the thought of buying anything other than food and drink wasn’t even in our minds. A chance encounter with someone selling land started the journey. We worked with Mantas Real Estate and found two concrete shells. This was the dream we had never really thought about. At least, never thought we could do it. Vagelis Mantas locally managed the whole project for us from start to finish, and beyond. His creativity in design, attention to detail, and communication throughout were exceptional, which for us was key, especially as during the build we moved from the UK to Singapore. The project was delivered on time and on budget and we now live in a beautiful home on a beautiful island. It really can happen. Harry and Paula

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