Golden Visa

Golden Visa

what is the golden visa?

It’s a type of residency visa, with added benefits, offered by various countries throughout the world. Generally obtained through a form of financial investment in the country, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions.

the greek golden visa

Considered to be one of the most desirable programs, the Greek Golden Visa is enticing more and more investment potential due to its current low property purchase threshold; just €250,000, making it one of the most attractive Golden Visa’s in the world and the lowest in the EU. In addition to this, the Greek lifestyle is one that many people are attracted to.

The Golden Visa offers residency rights for 5 years, and unlike some countries, staying in Greece is entirely optional, with no obligation to visit once you have the visa. You will need to ensure that your investment remains during this period to stay valid, and under the current rules, it may be renewed indefinitely on this basis.

It also offers choice and freedom to the visa holder and their immediate family. Allowing unlimited travel across all EU countries, who are part of the Schengen Zone (currently 26 participating member states), without the restrictive 90 days in every 180 days applying.

Once approved the holder and their immediate family also get access to European education, both schools and universities.

how can mantas real estate help

We already have valuable experience in assisting buyers through the Greek Golden Visa process and can advise on the scheme relating to your specific purchase. No matter if it’s a villa, plot of land or commercial premises. Our team are on hand to answer any questions that you may haveto make the process as hassle-free as possible.