Refurbished infinity pool.
Refurbished infinity pool

Renovation overview.

The swimming pool was in its raw state having never been “finished” by the previous builder, and was in some dis-repair as is evident from the pictures. This left no option but to almost start from scratch as there seemed little point in covering up someone else’s unfinished work, only to have problems in the future. 

The original concrete skin was removed down to the irons and a new high strength concrete skin was applied after some reshaping of the overflow. 

The pool was left to “set” and a fresh covering of tiles was applied, mosaics to the overflow wall and eleven by twenty-four centimetres covers the rest of the area. 

The pump room also went through a major overhaul with new pump, valves and pool lights. 

The finished result is nothing short of amazing and will now stand the test of time. 

Pool before renovation Pool after renovation